Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 7: Does 30 days of cycling decrease or increase your happiness?

I was reading an interesting article in Pyschology Today about how to make your own luck, when I came across this:
Recent studies by Lyubomirsky have shown that deliberately doing different things every day boosts contentedness in the short term and the long term.
Also, seizing random circumstances—like talking with the stranger in the checkout line, picking up and reading an abandoned magazine, or ducking into a store that caught your eye—adds novelty to our lives, which in turn can actually cause the growth of new brain matter and push back the cognitive decline of aging.   
--From Make Your Own Luck: Five principles for making the most of life's twists and turns.  By Rebecca Webber
I think that biking is uniquely suited to "random circumstances" as people seem more open to you,  ducking into stores or museums is so much easier, and you get to go all sorts of new places via different routes. So, for me, yes, doing the same activity each day (biking)  has definitely made me happier.  Who knew that it would help grow new brain matter too?

Today I did something quite different.  I went to see a bike race.  
Volunteer Park Criterium Pro mens Cat 1 & 2
My friend Dan Harm was racing so it was fun to watch him go round and round.  

I got to hang out with lots of fun biking people and Dan's family and fans.  It looks like it was much harder work for Dan.

He came by afterwards to say "hi".

I promised his family lots of pictures, so here you go! A really fun way to spend an hour.

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