Tuesday, April 24, 2012

30 Days of Biking: Where in my ass is handed to me on a 48-mile ride around Lake Washington

Sunday's ride was with a group of about 30.  It was the classic around Lake Washington with some construction detours and extra delicious hills thrown in.  I often ride alone or with just another person, so I sometimes feel a little conflicted about riding in what I call a "club style" group--faster paced, few breaks, no photos (for me at least--one fellow was taking photos and was fast enough to catch up again).  I am a self-contained bicycle tourist.  I ride fully loaded (well, my bike is loaded with tent, sleeping bag and every thing else one needs to camp when touring) to some of the most beautiful places in the country so I can slow down and enjoy the ride.  I don't own a lightweight club bike, but I love my heavier touring machine.

All that is by way of introducing the plain fact that, as the kids say, I had my ass handed to me. 48 miles at my pace is no problem. 48 miles at too-fast-for-me a pace because you don't want to hold anyone up is more of a challenge

One of the reasons I ride with a group is to go places I wouldn't go alone (mainly the north end of the lake through Bellevue and Kirkland), to try new routes, and to meet new people to ride with. The company on this ride was fantastic. I was delighted to see Mary, who I was in a book club with in the 80's, the charming Lily who leads rides that are more my pace (and her equally smart husband David), and Sarah, who I knew because our companies used to work together.

To those of you who have complained that my blog is all Lucia, Lucia, Lucia, introducing the amazing Sarah.  This is not the best picture of her, but you get the idea.
A few years ago I took Sarah on one of her first rides in the area along the flat Centennial trail.  By her account, she could barely go 10 mph.  She still doesn't think of herself as an accomplished cyclist, but I beg to differ--she did an amazing job on the ride!  She just needs a little Dan Harm (and here) attitude adjustment.  And a special shout out to the sweep rider Suzanne, who twice advocated riding the published pace.  That's not easy to do when most people want to go faster.

Toward the end of the ride, a small group of us did slow down. Marizel was terrific and rode with us.  She is one of the kindest cyclists I know. And a mean mountain biker which is how I first met her.  Thanks Marizel, it's always great riding with you!

Let Roll!!
Seattle, WA


  1. Over 50?! Weren't we 25 years old, like just a couple of days ago? :)


  2. So true! I knew 2 Richards in my twenties--I'm guessing that you are the Richard from GD&A? If so, I don't have an email address for you!!

  3. um... hello! that was The D Group!... lol
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