Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 3 of 30 Days of Biking: Multimodal ride or Why you need an ORCA card

Good News:  only one bike on the rack.  Room for two more.

Well, it looks like I'm in for the long form of this cold.  I did ride today though, in the rain and cold.  First, I took a short spin to meet up with my favorite professional cyclist and coach Dan Harm.

He was headed off to Cycle U to teach an indoor power-based class that I was not up to taking,  so we rode together until our paths split.  I love trying new routes and Dan had a great one in store.  (We scooted along the freeway frontage road then picked up the short little path along Melrose before picking up Roanoke for you locals).

Then it was off to Wallingford in the rain and wind.  The legs felt great but the lungs begged to differ so I went multimodal on the way home--which is to say I took the bus part way up Capitol Hill.
A lost or tired cyclist's best friend.

I started carrying my ORCA transit card after my good riding buddy Lucia and I got rather lost as the sun way setting.  Now I know that no matter what, I can find my way home by waving this magic card on the toll reader.  I don't think that the bike rack has ever been full when I've needed it.  If you haven't loaded your bike on a rack before, it's a good idea to watch the video.  Today the rack's arm was stuck so the driver had to help.  Some cyclists can't imagine taking the bus, but I love it.  Because I live up a big hill, I find that having the option sometimes will get me out on the bike because I know I can always take the bus the final mile up the hill.  If you are interested, here's how to get your own ORCA card for free even!

Finally, I was excited to read that Seattle is going to have it's own bike-themed arts and craft show.  I've always been a little jealous of Portland's BikeCraft show right before the holidays.  Now Seattle has one too! Seattle Pedaler's Fair: Washington Made Goods & art "for the bicycle and its rider.  April 21-22 in Ballard! I'll be there!

Let's Roll!!
Seattle, WA

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