Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 17 of 30 Days of Biking: Riding to school with Irene

This morning my daughter and I were out the door at 7:10 am to ride to her school.  I was along as moral support and additional cargo space.  It's amazing how heavy students' backpacks have become, plus she needed a laptop at school today. It had also been awhile since she had ridden the route. I woke up early and did not want to get out of bed.  But we had committed to this ride the night before, so we were off in the the beautiful morning light.

On the way back up Capitol Hill, the steep way back up Capitol Hill, I thought to myself, "I'm not sure what I'm going to take a picture of for my blog."  After the hardest hill, I stopped for a  moment to let traffic clear, but mainly to catch my breath.  Then I laughed at myself, because there is always something beautiful this time of year when you are going slowly enough to see it!

At the top of Interlaken Park.

Finally, I love seeing the conservatory as it signals the end of all hills for the day. Here was the view at the end of my ride.

Let's Roll!
Seattle, WA

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