Thursday, April 4, 2013

2013 Day 1: An evening Ride to the Japanese Garden to Meet the Office Nomads

Koi pond at the Japanese Garden in the Arboretum

The first days of 30 days of riding have been going well, but I thought I'd better catch up on my blog.  Day 1 was a fun ride with my husband in the early evening to the Washington Park Arboretum.

Here is a glimpse of him now.

Jonathan looking through one of the stone lanterns.
The Japanese Garden is lovely this time of year with new growth springing forth from the ravages of winter.

The greens are intese and lush.

  And the paths invite exploring.

My husband works at Office Nomads which is a coworking community and this was their outing. Their motto is "individuality without isolation."  They are an interesting group of folks with pursuits ranging from studying black guillemots (an arctic seabird) to computers, to restoring classic pinball machines.  

Look, here are a few Nomads in the wild.

 And in captivity.
The Koi are not part of office nomads.  Yet.
 And here is a gratuitous shot of them through one of the beautiful stone lanterns.
The ride back up capitol hill was also an adventure.  We decided to try a short cut thru Interlaken Park only to find parts had been landscaped to prevent comfortable cycling. I thought that was funny given that in the 1890's Interlaken was established as the principal bike and buggy path linking Capitol Hill with Lake Washington.  Still, a great day to start 30 days of cycling!

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